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Why Cheap Window Installation Is Not Always A Great Option

Window replacement is one of those projects that can often come with an initial 'sticker shock' for homeowners. We all know that window replacement and installation can be pricey, but when your budget is limited, for whatever reason, many homeowners tend to focus on the cheapest option. This isn't always the best solution and can create even more costly issues in the future. Here's why.

You Get What You Pay For

We've all heard the sayings: 'You get what you pay for' and 'Buyer Beware'. When considering cheap window installation, these mottos couldn't be any truer. While it may be tempting, a cheap window installation will most likely provide you with cheap, poor performance. It's important to consider what has made the price so cheap.

Low Material Cost

In some cases, unscrupulous companies will tout exclusivity with a 'special window' in order to charge a premium price for an inferior product. As part of the 'hard sell' tactic, you may be told that these exclusive products aren't available anywhere else, and are just for specific customers. Buyer Beware!

These sub-par products aren't special in any way, and may malfunction or simply fail in a short time. Do a little research on your own and get a basic understanding of the types of glass, material, and manufacturers available so you can make an informed decision with your purchase.

It's important to practice your due diligence and choose a window from reputable companies that are more likely to still be in business further down the road. In the event you experience issues with your windows, you'll be able to not only contact the company for warranty coverage, you'll still be able to find parts and someone experienced with performing services on that product.

Low Labor Cost

Let's say you choose a mid to upper-level window, and your contractor is offering insanely cheap installation and labor costs. There may be a not-so-great reason for this deep discount. No matter how much you ultimately spend on a window, it's performance and length of life is only as good as its installation.

Major manufacturers who have accredited almost 90% of their claims are a direct result of improper and/or poor installation procedures and not the malfunction or defect in the window. Always take a few moments to properly research your contractors. Asking the right questions now can save you some serious headaches (and costs) later on. ©

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